Aydin’s Art Exhibit @ Artomatic 2015

ahayri Artomatic banner

My first ever exhibit is in room 7-036 of Artomatic 2015

8100 CorpArtomatic2015Logo-960orate Drive, Hyattsville MD
(right by the New Carrollton Metro Station)

October 30 – December 12, 2015





A consulting economist and a partner in a large consulting firm, with a PhD from Princeton, Aydin’s day job has been as remote from the art world as one can imagine. In the art desert of contemporary office space, Aydin discovered that he can push his doodling to the limit with creative use of office supplies, such as white outs, highlighters, transparencies, tapes, stickers, paper cups, etc. In addition to extreme doodling, he started collecting everyday objects, such as boarding passes, chocolate wrappers, buttons, pebbles, etc. Starting in the fall of 2012, he began to put these together to create works of art (WOAs) for the enjoyment of his family and friends.

In Artomatic 2015, Aydin is stepping out of his shell to share his WOAs with the rest of the world.