Misplaced Meaning

Misplaced Meaning, 8" x8", acrylic paint, wood, paper, wire mesh on wood board, 2013

Misplaced Meaning, Aydin Hayri, 2013. Acrylic paint, wood, paper, wire mesh on wood board, 8″ x8″.


This is a study of our efforts to preserve things we find valuable, yet often failing in that effort. Here rotting wood barriers are erected and a wire mesh is stretched over to protect the layers of gibberish writings against the intruding blue (ocean?). Whatever original meaning may have been out there has been covered over and repaired with patches and the efforts to neatly hold it together with a wire mesh cover have apparently failed.  I retained the barcodes on the pieces of wood to emphasize the systematic efforts we (as human communities) go through to protect something we believe or hope to be valuable even if the “thing” may have lost its meaning.



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