Pop-Up Island

Pop-Up Island

Aydin Hayri, 2014. Acrylic, seashells, moss, foam, plastic candy cap on canvas, 10″ x 10″

As you may know, most islands in the South Pacific, and elsewhere were pop-up islands. Here is another one!

This one is an inverted image, island being a clean, blue disk in a sea of darker and cluttered sea, with an inviting beach on its north side. The Push-Pop cap in the middle has been the key element around which I built this fictional island.  One can read more into it: One view may be that the Pop-Up Island may be an effort by the earth to restore the tranquility of the seas.  The opposite view may be that the Pop-Up Island is a theme park that just popped up in the cluttered waters around it.

My thinking is that visual arts should provide an aesthetically attractive and remarkable vessel to be filled with contemplations and thoughts of its viewers.


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