Wildflower of a Sailboat

Wild Flower, 2013, Acrylic paint, coarse media, some found objects (lemon slice, olive seeds)

Wildflower of a Sailboat, Aydin Hayri, 2013, Acrylic paint, sand, and found objects on canvas, 40” × 30

I am not at all fond of painting nature. So I thought about an unnatural flower, but with still a flower — it has rounded edges and 5 stripes on its leaves and 5 buds on its flowers. Leaves attach laboriously from their far end, they stretch like sails – with the white stem like the mast of an invisible boat. The background of varying blues with broad brush strikes enhances this marine theme, yet the earth colored framing around it make you wonder the vantage point from which we may be watching this wild flower of a sailboat glide by.


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