Lost Knowledge

AH 2013 LP1 Disappearance of Knowledge
We learn more and more everyday. Internet is flooded with information. You can find anything about everything. Yet this information overload makes knowledge harder and harder to retain. This is painting is therefore in the genre of lost valuables, in this case, knowledge, lost through time. Knowledge is represented by the “letters” visible in the background. These are not from any particular alphabet, but random figures printed on a paper. They represent the literary knowledge codified into the structured cells. The cells show that chaotic fight of different colors — we see one color engulfing the other. This was how knowledge was structured, it seems, into 4 different panels, but only one panel remains, overlapped with another one, and there are bits and pieces of the cells in the other quadrants. There is barrier at the bottom that was meant to protect them, but it is a partial barrier. The barrier is made by natural stones, held in place by paint. I use this barrier style quite a bit. Here there is a flap over the barrier made from extra canvas. The original inspiration for this painting was a photograph of a window on an earthen stucco wall — I cannot find the photograph or the reference, but it was a magazine published by GW Hospital doctors showing different works of art by the doctors.