Detritus of Love

AH 2013 LP2 Lemon slices junkyard of love

I love bitters and, of course, lemon, the king of bitters. In a magazine I had read this interview with a chef who was discussing the versatility of lemon and how he uses lemon-this and lemon-that in different dishes. There were also pictures of some lemon slides as visuals on the side of the article. A light bulb switched on in my head — lemon slices, especially when dried, have a very beautiful aesthetic. So I started drying lemons. They proved to be somewhat fragile. Their fragility reminded me of the transience of love. Against blue background made by pigment paint and gesso mix, I put these two streams of lemon slices hurtling at each other. The moment of first contact is the moment of bliss and passion, top of the cycle. Then after the intimate engagement and the pull of gravity (take it to be the drudgery of everyday life) drags down the intertwined couple as they fall onto the pile of broken loves accumulating underneath. So the pile is the detritus of love. A bit on the pessimistic side? Maybe. But more than the story, aesthetics of the story was my main driver.