Floating underneath my Shirt

Aydin Hayri, 2014

15 x 24, pigments, acrylic, fabric, wire mesh on plywood panel

Floating under my shirt (large)

I started with a scrap piece of plywood and began experimenting with some of the natural pigments I had. I got this “floating” feeling of the pinkish white, with blue blotches. For this piece, the main found object was an old t-shirt. I used the thicker and elastic fabric of the collar for the edges of this work. Hard to see from the picture, but going all around are these strips cut from the old t-shirt, glued and stapled to the plywood panel. But the glue did not work very well with the fabric. To seal it, I decided to use grey acrylic paint, matching the grey-blue colors of the old t-shirt.  Introduction of grey to this otherwise light, fleeting scenery changed this tableau from one of joyful harmony to one of conflict — a war of the blue against the grey — favorite military colors.

One of my earlier art house movie experiences that have stayed with me is Excalibur by director John Boorman. In this piece, do not look for the sword!  Here you will only see the guardian angel of Excalibur disappearing in the waters after reclaiming it, as the blue-grey conflict dissipates.