Remember Fez? A Soap Collage

Aydin Hayri, 2014

17 x 11, various soaps on metal tray

Soap Collage

Have you ever visited Fez, Morocco? One of the most interesting sights is the communal leather tanning and dyeing pits in the old town area, each man toiling in a pit of different color of chemical or dye. It takes an hour or so to get used to the acrid smell, but it was a visual feast. Ever since seeing them in the winter of 2012, I wanted to create a piece of art that would evoke the pits. Here is my first attempt at it, using soap bars. I heated, sprayed, reheated the soap bars to meld them together, with each piece retaining its difference. The middle one was a soap bar from Nepal, others are from Bodrum, Turkey, and York, PA.